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Now that you have purchased your Tassie Tiger Knife you have to look after it, below are some suggestions and tips on looking after your TTK or any other knife you have in your kit.

Remember no matter what type of steel your knife is made from it can still rust in the right conditions. And if you are in or around harsh marine environments then you must take extra care of your knife, as even stainless steel will rust!

So in these conditions it’s very important to keep your blade lightly oiled at all times, and don’t forget the pivot points if you have a folding knife. If you knife comes in contact with salt water, wash, rinse and dry your knife then oil it as soon as possible, any household oil will do the job just fine, food grade oil if you using your knife for preparing food i.e.; fillet / skinning knife.

We use 1095 and also 1075 high carbon steel for some of our knives. This is a great choice for our type of knives but these steels will rust and stain more easily than other steels if not cared for properly, the cutting edge and any engravings needs special attention. It is the buyer / user responsibility to keep the blades properly lubricated and cleaned to ensure longevity of your knife. It is normal for these coatings to also wear with use.

No matter how much you use your knife you should periodically check your knife to ensure it is in good working condition, as there is nothing worse than grabbing your knife only to find it has rusted and or the locking or folding mechanisms no longer work, this could not only ruin your knife but you knife could now be unsafe to use

How to care for your knife

  • Keep the edge sharp at all times
  • Keep a light coat of oil on the blade
  • Clean and dry the blade after use


  • Put your knife away dirty or damp
  • Use your knife as a hammer
  • Use your knife as a screw driver
  • Store your knife in a leather sheath for long periods
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