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3.1 Skinner with Nylon sheath 40% off RRP

$43.80 inc. GST

The issues we have with some of our 3.1 skinners is the timber scales are slightly smaller than the steel, so it is slightly raised, this can be easily fixed by grinding down, or just leave it as is! That’s up to you. But either way its not up to our standards so you save!

Some are worse than others, but all are still useable knives.

You still get same quality steel but save $$$ on one of our most popular knives!

Only in Nylon sheath and no box as well.

Any questions please ask

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One of the steels that TTK use is 9Cr14.This is a great steel for skinning knives, the steel has a Rockwell hardness range of 58 – 60, so it can be easily sharpened by hand in the field and also holds an edge well. Once you pick up this knife and feel the balance in your hand you will see that this will quickly become your “go to” knife for a range of applications. The knife sits well in the hand and makes skinning a breeze. The length of the blade is ideal for a range of Australian game…Professional and avid hunters know, it’s not the size of the knife that matters, it’s the design and engineering of a knife that really makes it ideal for the job at hand. This knife has been designed with hunters in mind and has been field tested to ensure it not only looks good, but performs above expectations.

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