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Pro Knife Pivot Lube Triple Combo Pack Knife Oil

$59.95 inc. GST

If you look after your gear and always want it in top condition, then you need to grab this great combo pack.

KPL’s triple combo pack includes each KPL lubricant product – (5WT, 15WT, 75WT). Each is a fully-synthetic oil made for use in knives anywhere ultimate long-lasting smoothness is a must. Knife Pivot Lube Knife Oils keep dirt, metal particles, and grit in suspension™ so they don’t cause grinding and premature wear.

KPL’s triple combo pack includes lubricants meant to span the entire range of knife usage requirements.

  • 5WT Ultra-Lite:For Out-The-Front Knives, Automatics (Switchblades), Traditional Folders, and Lightweight or fast deploying blades
  • 15WT Original:For all moving parts of any folding knife, on flipper-deployed knives, washers, and for all knife disassembly, cleaning and lubrication needs
  • 75WT Heavy:On detent tracks and detent balls, heavyweight blades and large folding knives and anywhere extreme water-resistance is required


  • High Pressure Film Stabilisers to prevent metal-on-metal contact under high loading stresses.
  • Contaminant Encapsulation technology to keep dirt and grit in suspension™ so they can’t wear away at knife parts.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors to keep rust and oxidation at bay
  • Wickability Modifiers to help KPL quickly penetrate tight spaces so it gets to where it needs to work instantly.
  • Non-Evaporating, non-oxidising formula won’t dry up, dry out, or gum up inside knives.
  • Lockface safe, prevents sticking without slippage.
  • Non-Toxic formulas

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  • Viscosity: Ultra Light 5WT, Original 15WT, Heavy 75WT – Full Synthetic
  • Volume/Size: 10mL
  • Colour: Non-Staining Crimson
  • Needle: Length 14mm, Aperture 0.70mm
  • Compatibility – all steels and metals, ball bearings, bronze washers, teflon washers, IKBS, MRBS, nylon (nylatron), G10, micarta, titanium
  • Includes: KPL Contaminant
  • Encapsulation™ technology
  • Washout Resistance: Excellent
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C to 204°C
  • Volatility: No
  • Flammability: Not below 204°C

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