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High Vis Marking Ribbon x 5 Meters

$5.00 inc. GST

The TTK High Vis Ribbon is ideal for hanging in a tree to mark where you made your kill so you can easily find it if you are leaving it to cool down over night, or for marking your trap lines so you don’t loose them. Made from quality 22mm wide non rip ribbon and high vis orange, you will always be able to find your gear!
This isn’t some flimsy tape you can rip or tear of by hand, you will need a knife for this ribbon, but this shouldn’t be a problem as you shouldn’t be leaving home without one!
So if you are a hunter, camper or hiker this ribbon is for you.

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Marking Ribbon

5 Meters of high visibility ribbon
Great for marking trap lines
Gear marking
Following blood trail
Marker for your kill
Trail Hiking
Flagging tape
Bright Orange so easily seen

Please note: this ribbon is NOT made for taking your weight in a survival situation, please use appropriate rope for that! (we know we shouldn’t have to say this, but its the world we now live in!!!)

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