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Aussie Made Alpha Fixed Blade Update

Hi again from TTK, just a bit of an update on our Aussie Made Alpha fixed blade knife.

To start off we may as well tell you how this knife came about.

About 18months ago we wanted to do a great Aussie made knife, but not just your standard fixed blade, we wanted something that would last a lifetime, be able to handle a load of punishment and also be suitable for a wide range of tasks. After talking to a heap of local knife makers we were pointed into Karim from Tharwa Valley Forge direction, and after a few emails and phone calls back and forth we settled on the Alpha design. We didn’t just want a tough knife we also wanted this knife to look as good as it performed and Karim mentioned using Tasmanian Blackwood for the handle, this handle has some great characteristics that would make each knife individual, and also it’s a great timber for knife handles! With our name Tassie Tiger Knives we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this timber for our handles, and I am sure you would agree they look great!

The shape and fit of this knife is ideal for the serious outdoorsman and also great for field dressing and skinning game, it might not have the traditional skinning knife shape, but if you are like me and you would rather take one knife that can do a wide variety of tasks than a knife for every different task you might come across, you will not be disappointed in the Alpha.

The  black cerakoted blade is made from 1075 Carbon steel with 60HRC and the knife has a total length of 10” (blade 4.5”). This knife is made to use, not sit on the shelf and look good, but it can do that as well, but we would rather see our knives put to the test! And we have had some great feedback from our previous Alpha’s, so we know we have it right.

TTK is now in over 140 stores across Australia, but the Alpha can only be found on our website so if you are keen to check them out just head over to our website. We have been asked in the past regarding after pay, well we haven’t got that option on our website (as our knives are classed as weapons so we can’t do it) but we can organize a down payment and you can pay it off, just give us a call or shoot off an email and we will be in touch.

So if you are looking for a great Aussie made gift to send overseas(we can do that for you) or a great corporate gift with a difference, or why not treat yourself or your favorite family member a great gift for Christmas!

Stay tuned for some more exciting news on another Aussie made knife we are currently working on, and also something our pig hunters will also like!

Thanks for reading and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!


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