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New Aussie Made Knife Coming Soon!!

Hi all, welcome to another update on whats going on at TTK.

A few years ago we were asked “why don’t we sell an Aussie made knife?” well we also thought about this, but as you know back then we were only a very new knife company on the market, and we wanted to get established first. TTK is one of a few Aussie brands that can be found across Australia in hunting, camping & outdoor stores of all sizes, and in a few short years we can now be found in around 150 stores. So late last year we felt it was time we could try and bring on an Aussie made knife.

We already have our ALPHA which is made by Tharwa Valley Forge, and it is a fantastic knife, the only problem is its all hand made and only available in small runs, so we had to search for a company situated in Australia who can produce our knives up to our standard with the consistency we need. And after months of searching, we have found one, so our new knife is well on the way to fruition. We thought long and hard on the shape and intended use for this knife, we got feedback from you our supporters and buyers across Australia and most asked for a knife similar to our 3.1 skinner, but slightly bigger blade and handle, so the knife would still be a great hunter / skinner and also work well as a general camp knife. Jump forward a year or so and our sample has been out in the field being tested, we had a few tweaks on the blade shape to get it right, and now we are more than happy with it.

One of the biggest issues with an Aussie made knife or Aussie made anything to that matter is price… we pride ourselves on offering quality products at great prices, and one of the biggest barriers was trying to keep the price down to where we thought was suitable for our market, and although the price will be a bit higher than we planned, we did not want to compromise on quality to save a few bucks on the end product, as we feel that people understand the challenges in manufacturing products in Australia, that being said we feel the cost of this knife is still great value for money and sure to be one of our best sellers!

Our new knife should be available in a few short weeks and stay tuned for a competition we are going to run so you can be one of the first to get your hands on one of these knives. More details and pictures to come very soon

Thanks for reading and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!


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