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Aussie Knife Update

Hi all, welcome to another update on whats going on at TTK.

Since our last update we have released our Aussie made fixed blade knife, if you missed it, we ran a competition to name the knife and after some great entries (and some not so great ones) we settled on “Tassie Devil So keep an eye out in store or ask for them if you can’t see them. We have already started our next run as time of writing this we only have around 20 left in stock, so thanks to all our resellers for supporting us. We have also been given approval to use the Aussie made logo, which is great as it really shows people across Australia and the world that this knife is truly made in Australia, not just assembled, or packed here. So, get out and support all the small Aussie owned business who work hard every day to keep things happening in our country

So what next, well we are in the middle of designing our next Aussie made knife and also we have a design in mind for another overseas made knife, we will put the design out on our social media channels to see what you our end users think and if we need any changes to the design at all. We are also thinking about using a different steel, but issues are getting hold of it in this uncertain climate.

So make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what’s going on, and if you have a design you would like us to look at for our range please shoot us off a message anytime

Just a quick update this time but stay tuned for more to come.

Thanks for reading and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!


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