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Nirey KE-198 Recreational Electric Knife Sharpener

$185.95 inc. GST

If you are looking for a great electric knife sharpener that will not break the bank then you may be looking for The Nirey KE198 Sharpener.

This knife sharpener is designed to sharpen a range of knives, so keep your kitchen knives in top condition and ready for use at all times!

The KE198 takes all the guess work out of knife sharpening and is safe to use on even your most expensive kitchen knives, so no more spending your time on a whetstone and steels, this sharpener will give you professional results in no time at all

Sharpening Guide:

Sharpening Stage 1: Useful for blades with a very blunt edge.

  1. Connect the sharpener to your mains power supply.
  2. Turn the power switch to ‘I’.
  3. Hold the knife’s handle firmly and place the blade in the left sharpening track of Stage 1.
  4. Apply sufficient yet gentle pressure, allowing the knife-blade to make contact with the sharpening wheel.
  5. Gently draw the blade back to the tip using a smooth motion. Do not twist or roll the edge.
  6. Repeat this process for the right sharpening track of Stage 1.
  7. Note: As a guide, each pull for a 6-inch blade should take 2-3 seconds. An 8-inch blade should take 4 seconds and longer blades 6+ seconds.

Sharpening Stage 2: Useful for honing a blade that has lost some of its sharpness or to achieve a razor-sharp edge after stage 1.

  1. Repeat steps 3-6 as above, using Sharpening Stage 2.
  2. Note: 1-2 pulls on each side of stage 2 is usually sufficient. Check the knife-edge carefully and perform the action again if necessary on both sides of the knife blade.

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Nirey KE-198 Specifications

User Profile: Domestic home use, recreational use. This unit is NOT intended for commercial use.
Construction: Aluminium Oxide Grinding wheels guaranteed for the life of the machine*. The unit is a sealed housing unit to maintain safety for domestic and recreational use.
Dimensions: 220mm long x 90mm wide x 80mm high
Power: 220 – 240 V
Features: Spring-loaded, Aluminium Oxide grinding wheels (coarse and fine), precision angle control, 2 stage sharpening system, non-slip feet.
Made in: Taiwan
Safety: Always ensure your knife blades are clean and dry before sharpening. Please note that this machine is a sealed unit, and there are no replacement parts. However, under normal profile use, the sharpening wheels are guaranteed for life.

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